What people are saying about us

Word and Spirit Foundational Beliefs by Dr Keith Warrington - a brilliant articulation of the Word - so insightful, a magnificant course. Tonight, we unpack ‘sanctification’ - going to be awesome.   James Bolleurs

Thank you for a wonderful module (The Holy Spirit). I learned a great deal, have developed an appetite to know the Holy Spirit and am grateful.  Paul Hunt

We used the Word and Spirit material last night and it went superbly well. Folk couldn’t get enough! Really excited about the next 7 weeks.   John

I can thoroughly recommend Dr Warrington's teaching! I will be buying this myself so I can once again sit at the feet of the master.  Val Egan

I have been using the Word and Spirit Bible Study booklets for a few weeks and wanted to tell you that it’s really taken off. Everyone is reading the Bible much more than they had been before and there’s more of an excitement about it. Calum

We started Word and Spirit this evening with my discipleship group and they loved it! The Holy Spirit's presence was so powerful and the question which really gripped people was about paraphrasing 'repentance'. Then we did the meditation and they loved that too. It's a wonderful resource.      Charis

You meticulously exposed the word of God in a manner that I had never seen before! The desire to develop a friendship with God and the Holy Spirit and to take time in studying the Scriptures with curiosity have been growing in me.   Musalia G. Walker

I asked God for some resources which I could use at a fellowship group at work just this Thursday. I just said 'Lord, your people are hungry; please provide me with some resources that will enable me to go deep with them'. I am pleased for the resources we bought as they will be very useful for my group; I have found more resources on your website. I am refreshed.  Tryphina Cooper

I have so enjoyed journeying through the Word with you.  You have taught me how to “suck the marrow” out of the texts, and to absorb everything I can from each ‘bite’. I have valued your expertise and your generosity with your wisdom, and have been humbled by your continued willingness and desire to learn, even from your students.  I am grateful that you have written your wisdom down, so that I, and many others, may continue to benefit from the gift our amazing God has blessed you with. Thank you.  Valerie

Word and Spirit is great! I'm working through James. Trish

An awesome few hours of wonderfully accessible exposition - thank you. Really blessed. Pat Kennett

I said to Pauline, 'I could listen to you all day and never get bored!' We have both agreed that how you taught yesterday morning is the way we would like to take life groups. Thank you again and really looking forward to reading your books that we bought and using the Bible studies in small groups. Ronnie and Pauline O'Neill

It’s been a great privilege to be able to work with the Word and Spirit series. I highly recommend it to you. Rob Yule

So appreciate your ‘knowledge and insight of the word of God’     Trinity Church

Great site. Great teaching.    Tony Davis

Judy and Keith are people totally sold out and committed to people finding truth growing in their relationship with Jesus and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. I can highly recommend their teaching and resources!  Abby Langmead

Amazing communicator of the truths of God. I love him and Judy. What a great couple!  Paul and Lynne Bower

Mark 1-8 - The series is well written - Enoch Munir