Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Every Pastor should have in their library this reference on the work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.  It is a scholarly and practical book.  This book will be helpful to provide a well-rounded biblical understanding of the ministry of the Spirit as it takes us through every book in the New Testament.

Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament is dividied into 19 chapters, each chapter is divided into a mixture of scholarlastic and practical information.

Aldwin Ragoonath, The Pneuma Review


Every NT reference to the Spirit is included in this very thorough study.  Each chapter deals with one or more books of the NT, giving a  brief setting, overview of issues concerning the Spirit, exposition of texts and significance for the original readers, thus allowing hte texts to speak for themselves.  Each chapter concludes with a bibliography and questions relevant to life today.  It is impressively comprehensive and will appeal to any reader or student wanting to know more about the Holy Spirit.

Jackie Searle, Christian Marketplace


The contributions of Keith Warrington to Pentecostal theology and scholarship are well known to a variety of individuals on several continents.  As a lecturer in the New Testament and Director of Post-Graduate Studies at Regents Theological College he has taught numerous individuals who now find themselves in positions of leadership around the world.

I believe Warrington has produced a very useful book that provides, in one volume, a helpful examination of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.  His decision to listen to every New Testament voice is, in my opinion, an extraordinarily important methodological step, as is his desire to make clear the implications of this study for Pentecostal believers.  For this we are all in his debt.

John Christopher Thomas, Pneuma


In clear and understandable language, Warrington addresses each book of the New Testament, writing each chapter in a uniform way that makes it easy for the reader or student to follow and compare.  This is a book of great interest that is easily read.  I would highly recommend it to all church libraries as an excellent choice for study.

Re Stooksberry, John McMillan Presbyterian Church, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.


This book is a welcome addition to the literature on the Spirit in the New Testament.  Warrington has provided a well rounded and, on many levels, practical work.  It will benefit church leaders, students and believers who want to know more about the Spirit in their lives.

Frank Z. Kovacs, Haddington House School of Theology, Canada


Warrington addresses several controversial points with judicious care.  The Spirit is crucial in the church, both corporately and personally.  The Spirit exalts Jesus, inspires worship, transforms people, confirms believers as children fo God, gives gifts, expects and enables unity and guides believers who listen.  Warrington's treatment of Acts and 1 Corinthians, texts that have been particularly influential in the modern Pentecostal and charismatic circles, draws helpful attention to the significance of these texts for the original readers.  On that basis, the questions asked by modern believers are understood in a different light.  This book offers a sure guide through many difficult passages.

Kent Brower, Lecturer, Nazarene Theological College, England.


Warrington's exposition of NT teaching on the Holy Spirit is sound and integrated well into the NT thought as a whole.

Joel Stephen Williams, Southern Christian University


Warrington is an incredibly clear writer and has a way of summarising vast amounts of data into concise units that are quite easy to work through (I finished the book in a day and a half).  There are regular references to Greek words or phrases with the occasional nod to grammatical matters thrown in for good measure (e.g. the tense of certain verbs are often highlighted to make a particular point about something that Jesus does or something we do in response to Jesus.  The positive features of this book are legion.

I have no problem saying that Discovering Jesus in the New Testament is a welcome addition to my library and I believe it would make a welcome addition to the library of any non-specialist interested in NT Christology, especially those who appreciate orthodox/traditional presentations of the subject.



Your book "Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament" is powerful and enlightening.  It is a book that must be read and studied in every church.

Luz Marie Worth


L'essai de Warrington sur l'Esprit Saint dans le NT constitue une excellente introduction a la pneumatologie neotestamentaire.  Livre utile donc, et pas seulement pour les etudiants en theologie..

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