God and Us

God and Us - A Life Changing Adventure

I read this book (God and Us – A Life-changing Adventure) several years ago and I'm reading again, on the bus on my way to work. I love the way you speak about the LORD; as I read it's like the sun is shining out of each word! It's an amazing thought provoking book. Thank you for writing it.     Geraldine Warrington

Just a note to say how much I have appreciated your book God and Us.  It is so good to have one about God rather than ourselves.  I have also enjoyed the poems.  I have written to Scripture Union for permission to copy one.  The use of scripture throughout the book and the questions to encourage thinking have also been helpful and encouraging.  Thank you very much.     Myfanwy


Just wanted to let you know that my first night at college was strange, exciting and scary.  As I woke up every 2 hours not being able to sleep I started to read yor book God and Us which I found most helpful.  It calmed and relaxed me as I read the poetry and I felt the peace of God.     Linda


God and Us is a fantastic and inspiring read.    Andrew