Discovering Jesus in the New Testament

Discovering Jesus in the New Testament

Discovering Jesus in the New Testament is an ambitious and accessible volume on the subject of New Testament christology.  Its focus is eminently literary;  Warrington addresses the portrayal of Jesus in every book in the New Testament canon individually, however brief that depiction may be.  Analyses typically focus on how each writer employed intertextual references, metaphors, titles, implicit authority, and the economy of salvation in their presentation of Jesus. Warrington's interest in edifying Christian readers is quite apparent.

Christopher B Zeichman,, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, Canada


Warrington mentions in his introduction that NT Christology was written for practical purposes of discipleship.  I sense the same thrust behind this book.  The author does not burden his readers with scholarly debate on the issues.  Simplicity of analysis, clarity of language and straightforward descriptiveness make it easy reading, and it may well serve as a good intorductory book to NT Christology for a general confessional audience.  This would be especially fitting as the portrait of Jesus in this work is the one of the traditional Christian faith.

Arseny Ermakov


When preaching/teaching from a given New Testament book, consulting Warrington's treatment provides great insights into the presentation of the Jesus story and theology.  Warrington's Discovering Jesus in the New Testament will make a valuable addition to a pastor's library, and one that will find repeated usage.

James H. Railey Jr., D. Th., Professor of theology, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, Missouri.


Lovely and relaxed explanation of the idea of NT books as 'occasional' documents meeting real, everyday situations.... excellent and informative.

Liam Hanna, Lecturer, Regents Theological College, Malvern.


The book is erudite but accessible.

Stephen Boon, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.


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