WORD & SPIRIT - JAMES - booklet and DVD

The James booklet explores the book of James with a collection of questions and comment, suggestions for personal interaction with the message, guidance for meditation on a verse from the chapter, and practical application.

Introduction to James

James 1:1-11        God gives wisdom to us for when life gets tough                        
James 1:12-27      God’s on our side – and he wants us to we show that we’re on his side
James 2:1-26        God requires that we treat people equally and lovingly - it’s proof of our faith
James 3:1-18        The tongue – our best friend and worst enemy                          
James 4:1-12        God’s plan for us is to love each other - and he helps us to do it
James 4:13-5:12   Warnings and wisdom from God                                                     
James 5:13-14      Suffering – how do we cope with it?                                             
James 5:15-20      Prayer, confession and caring for others  

Each DVD provides a 10-15 minute introduction to each chapter of the booklet.  It can be shown at the start of each Bible study as it will set the context for the study to come.

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