Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

Many Christians today find it difficult to articulate the vital role the Holy Spirit plays in the life of every believer. This is despite wide acknowledgement of the critical role played by the Holy Spirit in the development of the early church. In this accessible survey, Keith Warrington delves into New Testament passages about the third person of the Trinity. When asking the question “What does this text say about the Sprit?” Warrington first exposits the text and then explores the significance of the text for the original readers. Finally, Warrington concludes each chapter with questions that reflect on the significance of these passages for today’s readers. This thoughtful and insightful study will enable readers to articulate for themselves the vital role played by the Holy Spirit in the lives of all believers.

‘We are indebted to Keith Warrington for filling a gap in biblical-theological studies by addressing the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the NT in a down-to-earth, non-technical way. Rather than being driven by confessional presumptions, he explores the topic based on the respective texts in their literary and cultural contexts and thereby allows the texts to speak for themselves. The insights are both informed and refreshing, inviting the reader to become more keenly aware of the spirit’s work in the life of the believer, the Christian community, and the world.’
Siegfried S. Schatzmann
Professor of New Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

‘This is the first attempt at a comprehensive survey of the NT teaching on the Holy Spirit, book-by-book and thematically text-by-text, since H.B. Swete’s authoritative overview in 1909. In the intervening years, a veritable flood of scholarly water on the subject has streamed under the bridge and even changed the course of the river itself. Dauntingly detailed monographs have been published on the work of the Spirit in the major NT writings, like so many fortresses attempting to dominate their stretch of the bank. We must be grateful to Dr. Warrington, however, for giving us a lucid and comprehensive riverside guide.’
Max Turner
Professor of New Testament Studies, London School of Theology

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