Discovering Jesus in the New Testament

Discovering Jesus in the New Testament

The Publisher writes, “Nearly everyone knows something about Jesus, but how much of what we ‘know’ really comes from the Bible? In this thoroughly insightful book, we can find the full portrait of Jesus as described in the New Testament, one that is complex yet rich, one that is diverse yet unified, one that explains who Jesus was  and how he continues to speak to our world”.

“The shelves are full of books, written at all levels, on Jesus. Nevertheless, Dr. Keith Warrington has discerned an unresolved need of mid-range readers and addressed it commendably. Discovering Jesus in the New Testament charts the course of reflection on Jesus – his life, works, identity, and theological significance – through the whole of the New Testament writings and does so in a way that is eminently readable and accessible. What emerges is a carefully conceived description of Jesus that embraces both the rich diversity of first-century articulation and the profound common threads of Christology that assure us of a single (though marvelously complex) conversation.”

Philip H. Towner, Dean of the Institute for Biblical Scholarship, American Bible Society.

“With clarity and insight, Warrington takes the reader on a whirlwind journey through the multi-faceted – yet complemenetary – presentations of Jesus found in the New Testament writings. Very few introductions to Christology can claim the balance of comprehensiveness, simplicity, and lucidity found in this volume.”

Mark L. Strauss, Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary, San Diego,

“Many want a piece of Jesus, but few want all of him. What else explains the stampede for books, videos, and seminars offering a truncated version of the biblical Christ? How starkly this book stands in contrast! Professor Warrington unveils a full portrait of Jesus, cast in the light of the entire New Testament and wholly faithful to the original. Has your Jesus been downsized? Pick up the book and find out!”

J. Ed Komoszewski, Co-Author Reinventing Jesus and Putting Jesus in His Place.

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