The Message of the Holy Spirit

The Message of the Holy Spirit

Very often, believers assume that Jesus walks with them and the Father guides them but the Spirit has little practical relevance. However, the Spirit is more important, more central, more immanently involved in his Creation, the Church, and individual believers, more often and more regularly, more intentionally and strategically than most believers realise.

The primary focus of this book is not the development of a dogmatic theology of the Spirit which explores his position in the trinity and his relationship and inter-dependency with the Father and Jesus. Neither are scholarly discussions included that explore the mystery of the Godhead and the place of the Spirit therein. This is fundamentally a practical and theological exploration of the person of the Spirit. He is a friend to be enjoyed more than a force to be accessed, a partner with whom we are to become better acquainted not the subject of a PhD thesis on which we are to be examined.

When Jesus left his disciples and went to heaven, he gave the best gift he could, the Spirit. He is more remarkable than many believers know and has much more to give than they may anticipate. At the commencement of this journey, we acknowledge that we are standing at the edge of an impressive, unfathomable sea of truth relating to the Spirit, and we walk into it knowing that he will be our guide and partner in the process.

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