God and Us

God and Us - a life changing adventure

You too can have a growing relationship with the God of the Bible. He is our loving, faithful Father who forgives us, never leaves us or gives up on us, and who is worthy of our worship and trust. Who wouldn’t want to know him better?

Keith Warrington reflects on Bible passages and offers many stories from his own experience to create a real sense of awe at the amazing nature of God – our Creator and Saviour. This is a book that could seriously transform not only your understanding of God, but also your personal relationship with him.

‘In a scintillating book, bristling with insights and down-to-earth reality, Keith introduces us to what the Bible teaches us about God. It will help many to build their Christian lives on a secure foundation and cause others to bow in wonder again at such an exciting and marvellous God.’
Derek Tidball

‘If you can imagine a tapestry, woven from threads of theology, philosophy and poetry, yet producing a picture of utmost simplicity and clarity portraying an infinitely fascinating God, then you have captured the essence of this book! It is a delight to read. Enjoy!’
Faith Forster

‘This book is a refreshing rediscovery of who God is and how we can draw close to him. ‘How Great Thou Art’ came to my mind as I read it and reflected on the wonder and majesty of God.’
Lyndon Bowring

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