Healing & Suffering. Biblical and Pastoral Reflections

Healing & Suffering.  Biblical and Pastoral Reflections

Divine healing is accepted by most Christians. However, some Christian literature does not provide objective analysis of the issues involved, and sometimes moves in a wonderland of unreality with harmful pastoral consequences. Other believers doubt whether God supernaturally heals at all today. A healthy balance is needed to remind believers that God is with them in the shadows of suffering as well as health and wholeness.

Healing and Suffering offers that balance, providing analysis, reflection and testimony concerning the relevant issues from a biblical and pastoral point of view. Drawing on the teachings of the New Testament, Keith Warrington offers a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that maintains biblical integrity whilst engaging with the issues in a context of objective evaluation and sensitivity. He argues that whilst the New Testament encourages us to pray for healing, it does not always lead us to expect that all sickness and suffering will be removed.

‘A “tour-de-force” about the New Testament’s teaching on healing and suffering – readable, scholarly and pastoral.’
Lyndon Bowring, Executive Chairman, CARE

‘We are indebted to Keith Warrington for addressing a very delicate issue in today’s Church in a user-friendly and lucidly written way.’
Siegfreid S. Schatzmann
Professor of New Testament, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Texas

‘A thoroughly researched publication that is readable as it is relevant…thought-provoking, stimulating and compassionate – I fully recommend it.’
John Glass, General Superintendent, Elim Pentecostal Church

‘Necessary reading for those working in this area of research and ministry.’
John Christopher Thomas, Clarence J. Abbott Professor of Biblical Studies, Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland Tennessee.

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