Jesus the Healer

Jesus the Healer

Jesus’ healings and exorcisms are undeniably special. So special that too many do not consider why they were performed. Instead they are marvelled at and stored as startling proofs of his power. This book deals with the question ‘why’.

Jesus chose to heal and exorcise in order to teach. Through them he taught about himself and his mission. As a result of them, his would-be followers were guided concerning important aspects of their lifestyles. He taught the crowds, the disciples and the religiously minded. He ruffled religious feathers, he astonished the milling crowds, he clashed with demons and he made the hearts of the expectant leap. He healed the unlikely, forgave the sins of the unworthy and restored the unsuspecting. He was an enigma to the majority. And the healings and exorcisms were meant to enable truth to be revealed to those who lived in spiritual darkness.

The healing ministry of Jesus is still an enigma to many who want to believe it is valid but who recognise the significant difference between the best of healing today and the unique ministry of Jesus. God still heals but does Jesus gift believers with his unique powers? Paul and James speak to the church concerning healing but what does the ministry of Jesus say?

Is he a paradigm for us or a unique phenomenon?

Keith Warrington tackles this question with informed scholarship offering and evangelical analysis of the healings and exorcisms of Jesus.


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